Southern Spain trip report

Costa del Sol Birding Tour

Costa del Sol Birding Tour, Sothern Spain After a long summer, we are starting to enjoy longer birding sessions in Southern Spain. Time for this awesome 7 day Malaga birding tour  covering the top birding sites near the Costa del Sol. Tour programme here. […]

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watching vultures in extremadura

Summer birding in Monfrague, Extremadura

Summer birding in Monfrague, Extremadura Yes, we all know summer is hot in Spain and many birders decide to have a short break until the bird migration starts by the end of August. However, those appreciating being the only birders around or those focusing […]

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flamingos and white storks in the laguna de medina

Birding in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Birding the wetlands in Cadiz province: a joy year round! When we talk about birding in Cadiz, everybody thinks of the bird migration in the Strait or in La Janda lagoon. Quite good places to bird watch both of them. But what happens with […]

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egrets and waterfowl in spain

Birding La Mancha, Spain

Birds and Scenery in La Mancha, Spain Although strictly not belonging to Andalucia, we have enjoyed great birding moments birding the neighbouring and welcoming land of La Mancha. Birding La Mancha in central-southern Spain is, for most of the birders, like birding in Extremadura: […]

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roller carraca roller birding seville

Birding Seville and Osuna Steppes, Andalucia, Spain

Birding Seville and Osuna Steppes, Andalucia, Spain The endangered population of Roller and Great Bustard in Andalucía finds shelter across the rolling hills near the city of Osuna. Most particularly, the Zepa Campiñas de Sevilla. Not just am I.B.A. but also a Natura 200o protected […]

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