Wild orchids of Andalucia

The Wild Orchids of Andalucia

The south of Spain offers a great representation of wild orchids. Here's a selection of the wild orchids we have found on our last nature trips in Andalusia:

Ophrys alpujata

 Two-leaved gennaria- Genaria - Gennaria diphylla


Ophrys dyris

Pyramid orchid

Orquídea piramidad - Pyramid orchid - Anacamptis pyramidalis

Orchis Olbiensis in Andalucia

Early purple orchid - Satirión manchado - Orchis Olbiensis

Malaga, Spain. Barlia robertiana

Orquídea gigante - Giant orchid - Barlia robertiana

Himantoglosum hircinum

Lizard Orchid - Orquídea del lagarto - Himantoglosum hircinum

Ophrys picta in Malaga

Woodcock ophrys - Flor de abeja - Ophrys scolopax picta

 Ophrys tenthredinifera in Andalucia

Sawfly Ophrys - Flor de avispa - Ophrys ficalhoana

Ophrys tenthredinifera

Sawfly ophrys - Flor de avispa - Ophrys tenthredinifera

Aceras antropophorum in Ronda

Man orchid - Orquídea del ahorcado - Aceras antropophorum

 Conical orchid - Olor de chinches - Orchis conica

Ophrys speculum in Spain

Mirror Ophrys - Abejera de espejo - Ophrys speculum

Orchid Ophrys speculum lusitanica

Ophrys speculum lusitanica

Bumble-bee ophrys in Grazalema

Bumble-bee ophrys - Orquídea abejorro - Ophrys bombyliflora

Yellow Ophrys in Andalucia

Yellow Ophrys - Abejera amarilla - Ophrys Lutea

 Cephalanthera longifolia

Sword-leaved helleborine - Orquídea de hojas largas - Cephalanthera longifolia

Serapias parviflora in Andalucia, Spain

Small-flowered serapias - Gallos - Serapias parviflora

champagne orchid in spain

Champagne Orchid - Compañón - Orchis champagneuxii 

Ophrys fusca bilunulata

Ophrys (fusca) lupercaulis

Ophrys fusca bilunulata

Orchis italica

Naked man orchid - Flor de los hombrecitos - Orchis italica

Limodorum abortivum trabutianum

Violet limodore - Orquídea parásita - Limodorum abortivum trabutianum

Pink Butterfly Orchid

Pink Butterfly Orchid - Orquídea mariposa - Orchis papilionacea 

orchis cazorlensis in malaga

Orquídea de Cazorla - Orchid cazorlensis

Fan-lipped Orchid - Orquídea pobre - Orchis collina

Robust marsh orchid - Orquídea de los arroyos - Dactylorhiza elata

Ophrys incubacea

Ophrys lutea quarteriae in Sierra de las Nieves

Small yellow orchid - Ophrys lutea (quarteriae) galileae

Lusus Ophrys tenthredinifera

Orchids of the Sierra de Grazalema

The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park together with other territories of the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de las Nieves National Park is among the most renown areas to find orchids in southern Spain. A naturalist will be deligthed to find Barlia Robertiana in full flower by Christmas, whereas the main orchid season expands to late June.

The best months to look for wild orchids in Andalucia are (by order): April, May, March, February, June. One species can be found in January, one in July and one in November.

There are 37 species of orchids in the Ronda-Grazalema area, which represent half of the orchids in Southern Spain, 63 species.

Here, up to 22 species are in bloom in February, 32 in March and up to 30 in May. Both Ronda and Grazalema are therefore excellent bases for an orchid trip with forays to the three natural areas above mentioned.


Orchid checklist Sierra de Grazalema



Printable orchid checklist

Print it out, bring it on the field and enjoy our orchids!

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Orquídea gigante Giant orchid Barlia robertiana
Green-winged orchid Orchis morio
Olor de chinches Conical orchid Orchis conica
Olor de chinches Fragrant orchid Orchis coriophora
Campañón Champagne orchid Orchis champagneuxii
Flor de los hombrecitos Naked man orchid Orchis italica
Orquídea de Lange Lange's orchid Orchis langei
Satirión manchado Early purple orchid Orchis olbiensis
Orquídea mariposa Butterfly orchid Orchis papilionacea
Orquídea del ahorcado Man orchid Aceras anthropophorum
Gallos Tongue orchid Serapias lingua
Gallos Small-flowered serapias Serapias parviflora
Flor de abeja Woodcock ophrys Ophrys scolopax (picta)
Abejera Bee orchid Ophrys apifera
Abejera andaluza Atlantic ophrys Ophrys atlantica
Orquídea abejorro Bumblebee orchid Ophrys bombyliflora
Abejera amarilla Yellow bee orchid Ophrys lutea lutea
Ophrys lutea galileae (quarteirae)
Flor de avispa Sawfly ophrys Ophrys tenthredinifera
Abejera de la omega Omega ophrys Ophrys dyris
Abejera oscura Sombre bee-orchid Ophrys fusca
Abejera de espejo Mirror ophrys Ophrys speculum speculum
Ophrys speculum lusitanica
Orquídea de hojas largas Sword-leaved helleborine Cephalanthera longifolia
Red helleborine Cephalanthera rubra
Orquídea heleborina Helleborine orchid Epipactis tremolsii
Orquídea de los arroyos Robust marsh orchid Dactylorhiza elata
Orquídea pálida Dactylorhiza sulphurea (D. markusii)
Lax-flowered orchid Anacamptis laxiflora laxiflora
Orquídea piramidal Pyramidal orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis
Orquídea del lagarto Lizard orchid Himantoglossum hircinum
Barton's orchid Dactylorhiza insularis
Orquídea moteada Dense-flowered orchid Neotinea maculata
Orquídea parásita Violet limodore Limodorum abortivum
Limodorum trabutianum
Trenzas de muchacha Summer lady's-tresses Spiranthes aestivalis
Orquídea otoñal Autumn lady's-tresses Spiranthes spiralis


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