Witness the most stunning bird migration in SW Europe

High concentrations of Vultures, Eagles, Kites and Storks

A carefully selected array of birding spots, watchpoints and habitats

Marinated with butterflies, stunning scenery and a bit of cultural immersion

The Strait of Gibraltar's Birding Tour

We've been guiding birdwatching tours in the Strait of Gibraltar since 2017. Over the years we've treasured many sightings and a good set of delightful birding spots that we visit on this tour. It's a lovely area, still quite green and bursting with birdlife. Being near Tarifa in September is a magnificent experince for a patient birdwatcher, usually rewarded by both unforgettable bird passage windows and also iconic local birds.

Tour highlights

There is no better place to enjoy bird migration in September in Western Europe than here. Over 250,000 birds of prey and over 150,000 White Storks gather in this magnificent bottleneck, waiting for the right weather conditions to cross southwards towards their wintering grounds in Africa. Beautiful landscapes throughout this not-to-be-missed birding tour, which is also quite accessible for any level of fitness.

Tour itinerary

While wind conditions play a huge role in The Strait, a good bird guide's decissions are key to success. The itinerary below is therefore and often just orientative:

Day 1: Arrival

We will meet in Málaga in the morning and travel west along the coast. We will try to stop at some of the coastal observatories for the first set of migrating birds. Booted and Short-toed Eagles, White Storks and hopefully some Honey Buzzards. Time allowing, a small trail might produce the very elusive Firecrest and Sardinian Warblers.

We will enjoy filling up a daily checklist together before dinner and present the upcoming tour itinerary.

What wildlife to expect


Bird migration is the main focus of this tour. Numbers of birds will be highly variable depending on timings and weather conditions. Extended information on numbers of birds species by species, observatories and other aspects can be found in our Guide to the Bird Migration in the Strait of Gibraltar. This tour normally produces slightly over 100 bird species.


The warm weather of September makes it possible to find around a dozen butterfly species on this tour. Some highlights of the region are Two-tailed Pasha, Monarch, Plain Tiger or the very rare Zeller's Skipper.


Although difficult, we've sometimes enjoyed quick views of Egyptian Mongoose and Roe Deer. We are no longer including a whalewatching boat trip on this tour.

Other wildlife

Chances to find Fidler Crab, Spanish Pond Terrapin, Iberian water frog and Great Banded Grayling.


We will be visiting very different habitats and hence the plantlife will also be generally rich. We will visit examples of Mediterranean Forest and scrubland. Some charismatic species include Squirting Cucumber, Wild Olive, Carob and Cork Oak.


September 8 - 12, 2025 (5 days)

* You can also book this tour privately on different dates

Rates per person: TBA €

Min. 4 - max. 7 fellow travellers
Álvaro Peral

Tour leader: Álvaro Peral

- Transfers from/to Málaga
- Transport on a courte basis
- Professional guiding services (in English)
- Guidebooks and daily checklist
- Accidents insurance
- All taxes and entry fees

- Flights
- Accomodation (around 80 eur/night in single occupancy). We prebook, you pay at arrival.
- Food or drinks (around 40 eur/full day)
- Personal costs
- Travel insurance

We will be single-based in a charming hotel just outside Tarifa.

This tour is quite accessible for the most part. Most of the birding is done at short distances from our van.

Plentiful breakfast at the hotel. Lunches will be a combination of picnics or stops at nearby local establishments. Dinners in the many restaurants in town or at the hotel, TBC.

What trippers say

Thanks again for all your help. Jim called the trip “top 5 he’s ever taken,” which is high praises from someone who’s been traveling with us for years!

M.B. -an Audubon Society-, 2022

We guide this bird watching tour by means of Andalucía Slow Tours, S.L., a local travel agency accredited by the Spanish Tourist Board with number CIAN 297083-2.