Birding Seville and Osuna Steppes, Andalucia, Spain

Birding Seville and Osuna Steppes, Andalucia, Spain

The endangered population of Roller and Great Bustard in Andalucía finds shelter across the rolling hills near the city of Osuna. Most particularly, the Zepa Campiñas de Sevilla. Not just am I.B.A. but also a Natura 200o protected site. We just love to go Birding Seville and Osuna Steppes, no matter what time of the year it will be a great journey. Today we’ve witnessed dawn and birded until Spanish lunch time. Found very interesting things like a roof-climbing Red-legged Partridge:

red-legged partridge osuna andalusia birding

Not to mention the sunflower scenery blessed by the first sun rays and the constant sound of Calandra Larks:

sunflower seville andalusia

But if we are to underline a sight, it’d be the Eurasian Rollers, as always vigilants and sometimes unnoticed. A visit to the nearby lagoons gave us a nice frame of a thoughtful White-headed Duck. Was it the dragonflies?

White-headed duck Osuna Sevilla

This is actually our Steppe Tour, that you can browse if you click here!

If you liked this chronicle, you may be interested on the threats to the Birds in this IBA. In fact, no sight today of any Great or Little Bustard. Hundreds of olive trees were being planted right at the heart of this IBA, cleaving even more this -meant to be- cereal steppe. Any tip on how to present this issue to the environmental authorities is welcomed. Just let us know by email: wildhola (at) gmail  (dot) com