Birding in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Birding the wetlands in Cadiz province: a joy year round!

black tailed godwits in cadiz

When we talk about birding in Cadiz, everybody thinks of the bird migration in the Strait or in La Janda lagoon. Quite good places to bird watch both of them. But what happens with the rest of incredibly rewarding wetlands in the province? Here’s why birding the wetlands in Cadiz is always the right choice:

Birding the Laguna de Medina

The Laguna de Medina is a paradise for birders. It’s very accesible, there’s water throughout the year and the diversity of birdlife is just splendid. We went there yesterday with our guests from Finland and were surprised on the amount of flamingoes. Big numbers of white storks were gathering there as well, probably on the way to their always early autumn migration to Africa:

flamingos and white storks in the laguna de medina

Lots of mallards in the lagoon. And a good number of Little Ringed Plovers. As you can see, not very easy to observe:

plovers in the laguna de medina, spain

Good to observe other wildlife around like steppe birds, with great numbers of Stone Curlew and Crested Lark. Spanish Pond Terrapins were enjoying sun baths wherever they could fit:

gadwall in cadiz lagoons

Birding smaller lagoons in Cadiz

On the previous day we visited some charming white villages and saw lots of raptors. The late afternoon was the perfect time to having a go on some smaller wetlands near El Puerto de Santa María. We were delighted by the amount of Collared Pratincole and Black tailed Godwit (see picture on the header).

collared pratincole in spain

Little Bittern and a quick flying Collared Pratincole on the right

Booted Eagle, Stone Curlew, Barn Owl and Avocet were also some delightful sights. We also encountered an albinism of Red-legged Partridge, it must have been released by some of the local neighbours around.

booted eagle in the wetlands of cadiz

booted eagle in cadiz, spain

Once again, good to have enjoyed a great bird watching tour around the province of Cadiz, Spain.

If you want to join a multi-day birding tour like this one, why not contacting us? Bespoke birdwatching tours are available all year round!