Wild orchids of Andalucia

The Wild Orchids of Andalucia

The south of Spain is great not only to watch birds, but also for orchids. During our birding tours and trips we usually chance some of the most beautiful wild orchids of Andalucia. Here's a selection of the orchids we have found on our last trips. There are a tremendous number of species in Iberia and we count with some around 60 species of wild orchids of Andalucia. It is great to be able to illustrate a few of these here:

Pyramid orchid

Pyramid Orchid - Anacamptis pyramidalis

Orchis Olbiensis in Andalucia

Orchis Olbiensis

Malaga, Spain.  Barlia robertiana

Giant Orchid - Barlia robertiana

Himantoglosum hircinum

Lizard Orchid - Himantoglosum hircinum

Ophrys picta in Malaga

Woodcock Ophrys - Ophrys scolopax picta

 Ophrys tenthredinifera in Andalucia

Sawfly Ophrys - Ophrys tenthredinifera

Ophrys speculum in Spain

Mirror Ophrys - Ophrys speculum

Orchid Ophrys speculum lusitanica

Ophrys speculum lusitanica

Orchids in Malaga: Ophrys bombyliflora

Bumble-bee ophrys - Ophrys bombyliflora

Yellow Ophrys in Andalucia

Yellow Ophrys - Ophrys Lutea

 Cephalanthera longifolia

Sword-leaved helleborine  - Cephalanthera longifolia

Serapias parviflora in Andalucia, Spain

Small-flowered serapias - Serapias parviflora

champagne orchid in spain

Orchis champagneuxii - Champagne Orchid - Compañón

Ophrys fusca bilunulata

Ophrys fusca bilunulata

Orchis collina

Anacamptis collina - Fan-lipped Orchid - Orquídea pobre

Orchis italica

Naked man orchid - Orchis italica - Flor de los hombrecitos

Limodorum abortivum trabutianum

Limodorum abortivum trabutianum

Pink Butterfly Orchid

Pink Butterfly Orchid - Orchis papilionacea - Orquídea mariposa

Yes, we birders look to the ground sometimes. So check this webpage to find new pictures of more orchids that we 'll be finding during our birdwatching journeys. Meanwhile, we leave you with an interesting site of the wild orchids of Spain.

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