Hide rental conditions


Expert knowledge and advice to set up for the photo session.

You’ll be scorted by our guides to each hide.

Equipement: camera, lenses, tripod, tripod heads, beanbags, flashcards…

Meals or drinks unless specifically stated.

Equipement insurance.

Electrical suppply.

Guide assistance during the sessions unless specifically stated. Please let us know if you need this service before you book.


Optical material adapted to the target birds and the shooting distance indicated for each hide.

Tripod heads are recommended but not essential.

Suitable clothing, please check the local weather forecast before visiting.

Dark upper clothes (are desirable to obscure any movement from within the hide).



Wildlife is unpredictable. Wild Andalucía cannot guarantee that advertised species will be seen or that photographs will be obtained. We cannot accept any responsibility for the behaviour of wild animals and do not offer refunds or free services for no-shows.

We’ll need a short walk on dirt tracks to access each hide. Long sleeve trousers are recommended.

Suitable shoes for walking in rocky terrain are necessary for the surface may be uneven in places.

In general, mobile signal is out of range at hide locations. Please let us know in advance may you have any medical condition we should know about.

We have a no smoking policy.

We won’t allow any behaviour that may cause or be likely to cause distress to any wildlife.

Our hides don’t count with toilet facilities (facilitrees though), electricity, heating or air conditioning. We are happy to advice prior to your booking, please let us know if you have any question