Highly special local and african butterflies

Visit Sierra Nevada, Iberian's highest mountains

Explore a variety of habitats from sea level to 2700 m

Apollo, Sierra Nevada Blue, Tiger Blue, Spanish Argus, Desert Orange Tip ...

Butterflies of Spain's Sierra Nevada

A fantastic tour to discover some endemic butterflies and some rare species that occur just on this little corner of Europe! Sierra Nevada homes endemisms such as Nevada Blue and Nevada Apollo, and very localized species such as Zullichi Glandon Blue, Spanish Argus or Spanish Brassy Ringlet. We'll also look for African species at the mediterranean coast, such as Desert Orange Tip and Common Tiger Blue.

Tour itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Granada province

We will meet in either Granada or Málaga and head directly to our accomodation near Sierra Nevada. Time allowing, there will be a stop on the way to check for local butterflies and flora. We will dinner outdoors and present the upcoming tour itinerary.

What wildlife to expect


This is a butterfly tour that aims to enjoy a variety of endemic species/subspecies in Spain's Sierra Nevada plus some other species that only occur in very localized locations of Southeast Spain. We can expect to find around 45 species. You can find a daily butterfly checklist on our last trip report. The top 10 butterflies on this tour are Apollo, Nevada Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Escher's Blue, Zullich's Blue, Spanish Argus, Spanish Brassy Ringlet, Desert Orange Tip, Cardinal Fritillary and Cleopatra. Whereas the moths will not be treated on this tour, a moth trapping activity will add some joy to the itinerary.


Granada's birdlife is notorious and we shall enjoy nice sightings of Red-billed Chough and Northern Wheatear. We will hear Golden Orioles and Grey Wagtails when near the Genil river as Pallid Swifts will quickly dash through the blue sky. On the day at the coast we'll have chances to see Stone Curlew, Iberian Grey Shrike and Red-rumped Swallow.


We should come acros some Iberian Ibex in the highest peaks. Other possible sightings include Wild Boar and Red Squirrel.


Sierra Nevada will bring us an interesting array of endemic flora, such as sempervivum minutum, the carnivorous plant pinguicula nevadensis, its endemic Foxglove or the beautiful Sierra Nevada Gentians. Robust Marsh Orchid should be in full flower. The day at the coast we will wander across a ziziphus lotus bushland and will also find capparis spinosa.

We guide this butterfly tour in Spain by means of Andalucía Slow Tours, S.L., a local travel agency accredited by the Spanish Tourist Board with number CIAN 297083-2.


July 9 - 15, 2023 (7 days)

* You can also book this as a private tour with guaranteed departure or on different dates

Rates per person (2023): 900 €

Min. 4 - max. 7 fellow travellers (1 guide)
(or max. 14 travellers with 2 guides)

Álvaro Peral

Tour leader: Álvaro Peral

- Transfers from/to Málaga and Granada
- Transport
- Professional guiding services (in English)
- A day guided by expert Miguel Olvera
- A moth-trapping session
- Guidebooks and daily butterfly checklist
- Holiday report
- Accidents insurance
- All taxes and entry fees

- Flights
- Accomodation (around 45 eur/night in single occupancy). We can help to arrange it.
- Food or drinks (around 30 eur/day)
- Personal costs
- Travel insurance

We will be based at the river village of Pinos Genil, midway between Granada and Sierra Nevada.

Easy-medium walks on rocky terrain. This tour is suitable for all ages.

Coffee and tostadas for breakfast. Lunches will be picnic on site. Dinners will be plentiful and prioritize traditional andalusian cuisine.

What the tour leader says

I can't think of a most rewarding wildlife trip in July than looking for the endemic butterflies of Sierra Nevada. With high temperatures all across Andalucía, being at the high mountain is a enjoyable break. July is definitely the month for butterflies in Sierra Nevada, join us there!

Álvaro Peral, founder of Wild Andalucía