The butterflies of Andalucia

Andalucía ranks among the top butterfly locations in Europe due to its varied flora, location near África and geology. Some 140 species live in Andalucía, 110 of them within Málaga province, and around 90 of them are found near Ronda. Here we include a non comprehensive illustrated checklist of the most common butterflies of central Andalucía, that we aim to update as we keep records on our tours:

Swallowtail - Macaón - Papilio machaon


Scarce Swallowtail - Chupaleche - Iphiclides podalirius

Spanish Festoon - Arlequín - Zerynthia rumina

Sage Skipper - Polvillo dorado - Sloperia proto

Small Skipper - Dorada línea larga - Thymelicus sylvestris

Iberian marbled White - Medioluto ibérica - Melanargia lachesis

Black-veined White - Blanca del majuelo - Aporia crataegi

Meadow Brown - Loba - Mariola jurtina

Small Heath - Pánfila - Coenonympha pamphilus

False ilex Hairstreak - Qüerquera - Satyrium esculi

Grayling - Semele - Hipparchia semele

Hermit - Banda oblicua - Chazara briseis

Two-tailed Pasha - Mariposa del madroño - Charaxes jasius

Speckled Wood - Maculada - Pararge aegeria

Southern brown Argus - Morena - Aricia cramera

Lang's short-tailed Blue - Gris estriada - Leptotes pirithous

Polyommatus celina

Southern Blue - Ícaro moro - Polyommatus celina