Birding trips in southern Spain

Hello! Hej! We are glad that you are considering birdwatching in Andalucia. Here you will find our selection of birding day trips for the south of Spain. These are private birding trips and they can generally be run throughout the year. You do not need to pay any deposit, just send us an email and we will shortly confirm your trip!

Most of our day trips are really accesible for those visiting Ronda, the Costa del Sol or simply arriving to either Malaga, Gibraltar or Seville airports.

Please note that we also provide full birding-tours and we taylor birding trips according to your agenda and target species (click here).

Duration:  a full day tour takes 8-9 hours from the moment we meet till the arrival. If you want to go birding a long journey, that is also possible, we can extend it some extra hours at a reasonable price, please ask for a quote. Likewise, a half-day trip takes 4 to 5 h.


Year round -2 or 3days

The jewel of the crown

Probably the most important National Park in Spain, Doñana is a huge wetland territory that holds the richest bird communities in the country and provides for different birding journeys. Spanish Imperial Eagle, Osprey and Red-knobbed coot are just an example of Doñana's wildlife.

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Scenery & wildlife

Year round


The mighty limestone mountains, its rolling hills and flourished valleys near Ronda and Grazalema offer a great many different wildlife watching possibilities for you. Famous for raptors, it is also home to a great variety of mountain birds and an important migration stopover for many birds bound to Northern Europe and Africa

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Fuente de piedra

Biggest Flamingo colony in Spain

Crane, Flamingo and plains

Welcome to the largest lagoon in Andalusia, home to the largest flamingo colony in Spain. This Ramsar Site is visited by the Cranes in winter and also receives a big variety of birds during migratory periods. The neighbouring farmlands and lagoons contribute to the maintenance of rich bird communities.

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Málaga - Guadalhorce

Not just White-headed Duck

Bordering Málaga city, the Guadalhorce river merges into the Mediterranean. Not only the White-headed duck is always seen, this Natural Site is home to a big community of waders and gulls, among a total of over 170 species throughout the year. Bird activity is always intense on this very accesible tour.

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Osuna steppes

The Bustards' kingdom

At just 1 h from Seville, the IBA in Osuna is a steppe habitat, home to the last Great Bustards in Andalucia. Homes also Little Bustard, Lesser Kestrel, Montagu’s Harrier, Roller and Black-winged Kite. The Lantejuela's lagoons will be a great complement to this steppe tour, very close to the very Andalusian village of Osuna.

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Tarifa & Strait of Gibraltar

Where everything is possible

The strategic location and the well preserved habitats make the Strait of Gibraltar one of the most renowned birding destinations in Spain. Raptor activity is generally big. The Strait is remarkably appropriate for birding during the wide bird migration period but also during the rest of the year.

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El Torcal

Birds, Ibex and landscape

The Torcal is an impressive limestone Natural Site at just 1 h drive from Málaga city. It is one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europe but also home to a wide community of rupiculous birds. Orchids are common in spring, Ammonite fossils and Iberian Ibex are also present during our birding journeys in this amazing scenery.

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Birding BIG DAY

Bird the whole province of Málaga

Bird as much as you can

For those visiting Málaga or the Costa del Sol, how about making your Big Day? Brace yourself for an incredible journey in which we will travel and visit some of the many and the best birding hotspots along the Málaga province. Bird day-list usually exceed +70 sp! Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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Target bird day out

Twitchers' zone

Looking for a list of birds in Spain? Are you interested in a particular local bird? Or maybe taking time to sightseeing at the end of a birding trip? You are at the right place! Simply send us an email to, we will study your proposal, shortly give you an answer and, if feasible, organize a bespoke day trip!

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Our tours have been designed to benefit from the best calendar date on each birdig site and so we’ll get the maximum chance to see the birds. However, may the dates not be convenient for you, why not asking us about other specific dates? Wild Andalucia always leads full tours by means of licensed tour operators.