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Useful links for your birding & nature holidays in Spain

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of birding links for there are several websites that do this very well.  The following links are of interest to birders living in and traveling to Spain:


Resources for birding in Spain

  • Andalucía Bird Society     A great resource of the birding society in Andalucía. Definately worth to join!
  • Birding Cádiz Province    John Cantelo's comprehensive site for the province of Cádiz
  • Birding Málaga                  Useful information for birding in the province of Málaga
white headed duck and waders in andalucia

Birding Organisations (UK & Spain)

  • RSPB                                   The Royal Society for Protection of Birdlife
  • BOU                                     British Ornithologists Union
  • BTO                                      British Trust for Ornithology
  • SEO                                      The Spanish Ornithological Society
  • ABS                                      Andalucia Bird Society
  • Ebird                                    Global tools for birders
chough watch in south spain

Spanish Bird watching tour operators

Some colleagues all over Spain providing birding trips:

  • Mirua                                                   Birding trips in the Pyrenees and Navarra
  • Birdingteruel                                      The best birdwatching experience in Aragon & Valencia regions
  • Caminos del Guadiana                     Birds are just a part of the wildlife treasures waiting for you in La Mancha
  • Birdwatch Asturias                           Enjoy birding across the mighty land of Asturias
  • Valencia Birding                                Discover the secrets of birding at Valencia's wetlands and shores

Hide photography

Some of the most popular hides for wildlife photography in Spain:

  • Photo-logistics             Pioneers in hide photography in Barcelona
  • Al-pasin                         Amazing photo-hides in Sierra Morena (raptors and Lynx)
  • Hides Calera                 Probably the best photo hides for Great Bustard in Extremadura
  • Spain photo hides        One of the most demanded raptor hides in Spain (Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, ...)
  • Sierra de las Nieves     A very charming hide for raptors near the Costa del Sol
  • Wild Iberian Nature    The best way to enjoy raptor hide photography in Madrid
  • El Taray                         Great aquatic and earth photo hides in La Mancha
  • Las Abubillas                Enjoy raptor photography in a private paradise in Extremadura


adult booted eafle in ronda spain

Wildlife and Nature

Wildlife links

  • BBC Earth                           BBC worldwide nature news
orchids in andalucia spain

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